Sunday, February 10, 2013

Liberia outlines priorities for rebuilding water and sanitation sector

via Global News Network: Liberia

Liberia today unveiled a five-year investment plan which outlines priorities for rebuilding the country’s water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector that had been ravaged by decades of civil conflict. Access to water and sanitation services in Liberia is still low and many facilities are no longer functioning as Liberia recovers from years of war that ended in 2003.
Four out of every ten people still lack access to water, and only a third of the population have access to sanitation services. An estimated 35 percent of existing clinics and schools do not have adequate water and sanitation facilities. Solid waste management services are only available in Monrovia City, covering an estimated 55 percent of the solid waste in the capital.


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  2. I went to the 2012 NCSE meeting last year. There was a session on water security, so many people are thinking about this.

    How many countries lack baseline data to know what the quality status of their water is?