Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just So You Know

My words "We can value our membership even more" got me into the position that I am in today. As the new Vice President of Chemists Without Borders, I am determined to make good on your passion for giving back.We are Chemists who Care.

Our most successful endeavors are the ones that are essential, in some way, to the members involved in a project or initiative. Whether we are talking about creating a partnership, organizing a membership meeting, leading a new project, answering a question, organizing a fund raising initiative, or participating in a project, your time, passion, and expertise are the fuel to our success in your communities around the world.

Some members help in our internal operations or participate in a project or initiative. The Just So You Know Blog post is designed to keep you informed of what is happening at Chemists Without Borders. Our goal is to provide weekly updates for all members to know what is happening.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Arsenic Crisis Newsletter & Discussion Group

Our friend recommends this Arsenic Crisis Newsletter & Discussion. He said of it, "… this site has a boatload of contributions, I think some of them may actually be good research. FYI in case you want to scan the overall chatter about the As problem. Regards, David"

The formal group description is:  "Newsletter & discussion of the arsenic crisis in W Bengal India and Bangladesh, and related situations. This group merges the subscriber lists of the arsenic-crisis-news, arsenic-source, arsenic-medical, and arsenic-safewater groups."