Monday, January 19, 2009

School in India Teaches Women to Improve Lives, Towns

MaliImage by Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia via Flickr

The following is from the excellent PBS NewsHour with Jim Lehrer and his team. Imagine the opportunities, not just for solar power as in Bunker Roy's school, but for Tech Laureate D. Vidya Sagar's stoves that protect rural people from indoor smoke and the external environment from the same smoke, the manufacture and maintenance of Grainger Prize winner Prof. Abul Hussam's SONO filter for removing arsenic from drinking water, etc. Replicate, replicate, replicate!

By the way, Bunker Roy points out that men generally speaking, need not apply because they are typically unteachable!

"The Barefoot College in northern India teaches women skills to bring solar power to their villages and to manage the energy system in rural areas. Fred de Sam Lazaro reports on the philosophy behind the school and its unusual approach to empowering women."

"The Barefoot College" in northern India
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