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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Open source product development, LinkedIn, MindMeister

Perhaps this has been said before, but regarding various projects, I envision broad participation from people all over the world contributing to solving the problem, or adapting to local needs, much as open source software is developed.

There are now many networking tools on the web which can help us. I have started to use LinkedIn and think it will be a powerful tool in expanding our network and resources, and will be a benefit for each and every participant.

Another tool is MindMeister , which allows us to do mind mapping collaboratively on the web. This could be very handy during conference calls, and for project management, etc. Here's a scrap of an example which you can even drag around within its frame here:

Other tools, ideas, comments welcome.



  1. You asked for more tools - happy to oblige! I think this list is close to complete for mind mapping, outlining and diagramming in a collaborative way.

    Information mapping_________________ Collaborative mind mapping (radiant format not enforced) - Collaborative mind mapping - Collaborative (but, for people who like free-format mind mapping, rigid) left-to-right mind mapping - Concept mapping and mind mapping (shared but not collaborative) - Collaborative concept mapping and mind mapping - Collaborative mind mapping with an organic flavour - Collaborative mind mapping - Collaborative mind mapping - URL mind maps for network visualisation - Make mind maps from WikiMedia articles - Collaborative mind mapping - Web-site hierarchical maps

    Generic diagramming__________________ - Collaborative diagramming – can draw mind maps and concept maps - Collaborative diagramming – can draw mind maps and concept maps - Collaborative diagramming – can draw mind maps and concept maps - Collaborative diagramming – can (just about) draw mind maps and concept maps - Collaborative on-line whiteboard service - can draw mind maps and concept maps

    Some don't like the visual approach (can't understand why myself, but...) so they might like the more formal outlines style:

    Outliners___________________________ - Basic on-line outliner that lets you share outlines - Collaborative on-line outlining application - Collaborative on-line outlining application

    I hope that turns out to be a useful contribution.

    The master list of mind mapping &
    information management software

  2. Thanks Viv-vic for the amazingly quick response. I had no idea there was so much out there.